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Pet Care and House Care Too!

pet sitter services

As pet sitters, our main focus is on your pets, but did you know we also care for your home? Our list of complimentary services includes: cleaning up pet messes; watering plants;

collecting mail; placing trash out at the curb; and rotating lights and blinds.

Cleaning Up Pet Messes

We tidy up any messes your pets may leave. This includes kitty litter box emptying and outside dog poop patrol. Please provide any bags we will need for these tasks as well as instructions on where to dispose of it.

Watering Plants

If you provide us with the exact instructions for care, we’re happy to keep your plants watered. There

may be an additional fee for extensive garden care, especially in summer months when outdoor gardens need more attention.

Mail, Newspapers, Packages

We bring in mail, newspapers, and packages at our visits, so there’s no need to stop these services while you’re away. Keep in mind that we may not able to bring in packages that are extremely large and heavy.

Trash And Recycling

Placing your trash and recycling out for pick up is just one of our complimentary pet sitting extras! Let us know your pick up days, and we’ll gladly take care of this!

Home Security

Keeping your house looking “lived in” to the outside world is another perk of hiring a professional pet sitter. We provide light and blind rotation, and take other measures such as altering TV or music. Making your home appear to have someone there is an important security measure we provide at no extra charge.

Other Home Related Services

As homeowners ourselves, we understand that things happen. We are aware when a system — such as an air conditioner — is not working properly in your house and can let you know right away, or take precautions to keep something from becoming a problem.

Keep in mind our main concern is your pets. Any complimentary pet sitting extras that take away from the time and attention we give your pets, may have a nominal fee. Have another request not listed above?

Just ask!

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